Drive Isle will be available for purchase fall 2017 @ Steam!


2018/05/10 Purchasing RHD vehicle fixed
Game starts always at night bug fixed
Delay added before switching to reverse when using simple reverse mode

2018/05/08 Some minor AI traffic driving behaviour improvements, lot more work yet to be done...
A AI traffic related CTD fixed

2018/04/02 Damaged wheels wrong size bug fixed

2018/01/30 Won races are now shown in gold(ish) colored flags on the map
Drift icons on the map centered properly to the start location (race starts are located in the bottom of the flag)
Vehicles reloading/appearing on top of each other in showrooms bug fixed

2018/01/24 Vehicle list now shows an preview image of the selected model (requires atleast 1650x1050 resolution)
New furious 660HP supercar at Red & Furious supercars
Skid, wind/asphalt & turbo noise lowered, use the audio settings to adjust further to your likings

2018/01/11 Vehicles can now be bought with a bank loan
New vehicle dealer called Superlux Cars, most of the Supercar Store vehicles have been transferred there
Supercar Store has now a 600hp RWD "MLP-124" available
Some minor bugfixes such as the red headlights

2017/11/22 Trees & buildings flicker (vanish for a small duration) from time to time bug fixed
2017/11/21 Installing wider tires now improve grip (something that worked in legacy v4 handling but was overlooked in the current)

2017/11/17 700HP "RB-A70 RDS" AWD Supercar can be also now found at Supercar Store!
Some improvements in automatic transmission behaviour.
Comfort/Sport mode can be now switched for any car if you are using automatic transmission setting
2017/11/12 "RB-M62", an oldish 580HP AWD Supercar can be now found at Supercar Store!
AI Traffic wheels rendering fixed
3rd person camera improved on hills and such

2017/11/04 Wheels not quite staying in their place especially on hills and such fixed
2017/10/25 Vehicle specific custom parts fixed
2017/10/24 Spoilers/wings now available for all cars but need manual fitting (positioning)

2017/10/23 Some fixes:
Reflected windows in buildings not rendering fixed
Revlimiter does not allow overrevs w/ high power anymore
Patent "fix" for the weird reversing behaviour
The scrap container and barrel at Lost Harbor Customs are not magically lit anymore at night
GPS map fixed

2017/10/22 Multiple subscribed Workshop items not working together bug fixed
Hyper TF1 handling improved

2017/10/21 Initial Workshop support
A mighty wooden wing now available at Workshop.

2017/10/17 Visual Damages bug fixed
Exhaust pops volume increased (guess will need to make adjustable as well)

2017/10/16 Double vehicles after test drive bug fixed
Van Svan performance adjusted

2017/10/12 Increased engine volume
Other extra noise such as skidding, suspension, wind, indicator, turbo etc volumes can now be adjusted in audio settings
Additional gauges related CTD fixed

2017/10/10 "R-GT26", a 320HP AWD Sports car now available at Everyday & Sports Cars
Texture compression setting in the launcher settings, helps with Big City stuttering with 2GB VRAM, use if you get no issues with it
Loader threads setting, use dual faster loading of buildings etc but if you get stability issues or such, revert to one

2017/09/27 Cockpit Windscreen glitching should be fixed now
Unpowerful brakes on reverse after last brakes adjustment fixed

2017/09/18 Ringburgnur missing pieces of road fixed
Brakes too agressive @ <10kph fixed

2017/09/09 The few AI cars that were previously undrivable can now be found at Everyday & Sports Cars, Best Autos & AM motors.

2017/09/04 Random(ish) mission/race restart/init related CTD fixed
Aiport Material Center mission CTD fixed (the mission needs more destinations etc though)

2017/08/28 Experimental Russian translation, translated w/ Google.
If someone could test it if it makes any sense at all and report @ the hub or guestbook

2017/08/27 You can now sell your house
2017/08/26 Flickering trees & plants fixed
2017/08/24 Ultra high resolutions fixed
2017/08/20 Some curve data issues + possible related CTD fixed
2017/08/19 A performance issue fixed
Horn added, you will need to map a button for it yourself though, H button for example

2017/08/15 Steam Release
Welcome to Drive Isle! If you have any issues, please post at the Drive Isle Steam Hub Discussions.

2017/08/14 Basic imperial units support (mainly affects GPS distances & speed)
Basic menus can be now controlled with a game controller

2017/08/11 GPS path missing on mission/race startup fixed

2017/08/10 Boat delivery mission completion fixed
Map stops loading when AI traffic enabled fixed

2017/08/09 Handling update

2017/08/03 Shaky cockpit camera @ higher speeds fixed
Game time length of minute can now be adjusted (1-60 seconds)
Option to use system time for game time
Restore/discard default general settings buttons fixed

2017/07/29 Handling update (drifting)

2017/07/23 Improved GPS map texturing
Parts of the map are still with old texturing, these siginify generally less developed places that will need to be checked & worked on.
Spanish translation completed, thanks to Klumb3r for the translation!
There are still some English text here and there that are missing from the language files at this time.

2017/07/14 Lighting updated
Indicator toggle bugging fixed

2017/07/11 Custom parts fixed (once again)
2017/07/07 Navigation instructions fixed
2017/07/05 Handling Update
2017/07/04 Some bugfixes
2017/07/03 Vehicles now have silly "code names" instead of the real ones
2017/06/30 Handling update
2017/06/22 Fuel consumption adjusted
Will still need algorithm rewrite someday
GT86 can now display average and momentary fuel consumption (toggle with trip computer set button 'T' until you see them)
Chill mode is now easier to drive

2017/06/20 Handling adjustments
Headlights fixed

(Older Alpha/Beta entries removed...)