Drive Isle will be available for purchase fall 2017 @ Steam!


2017/07/14 Lighting updated
Indicator toggle bugging fixed

2017/07/11 Custom parts fixed (once again)
2017/07/07 Navigation instructions fixed
2017/07/05 Handling Update
2017/07/04 Some bugfixes
2017/07/03 Vehicles now have silly "code names" instead of the real ones
2017/06/30 Handling update

2017/06/22 Fuel consumption adjusted
Will still need algorithm rewrite someday
GT86 can now display average and momentary fuel consumption (toggle with trip computer set button 'T' until you see them)
Chill mode is now easier to drive

2017/06/20 Handling adjustments
Headlights fixed

2017/06/16 Handling update
Improved low HP drifting and AWD acts slightly more like AWD

2017/06/15 Race/mission reward bug fixed

2017/06/13 Handling rewrite
Work in progress as usual. Old handling model accessible with F4, return to the new handling with F5
2006 Sti now available at Shiny Imports (will need additional modeling/texturing work in the future)
Container textures fixed at Lost Harbor docks

2017/06/01 F355 exhaust sounds improved
2017/05/31 Another drift handling adjustment

2017/05/26 Light Bloom toned down
Amount of bloom can be now adjusted in the in-game graphics settings

2017/05/24 Handling on gravel adjusted

2017/05/23 Possible game freeze when clicking the map fixed
Mailrun mission fixed

2017/05/19 Game crash fixes etc
Data loading related CTD fixed
AI traffic related CTD fixed
Handling: Bumpy road stability
Shadows are more static now
3rd person camera now allows rotation up to top-down view

2016/05/12 Less understeer @ highspeed (200+)
2016/05/10 Increased drift control/angle through throttle

2017/05/09 Somewhat improved skid smoke
Bloom brightness increased slightly

2017/05/05 Handling update
Less understeer
Default ESP (stability control) mode is now configurable in game settings

2017/04/19 Driftability improved
You may want to try the old V3 handling model as well by pressing F3, return to the current handling model with F4

2017/02/01 Handling adjustments
Tree/plant lighting fixed
Nordschleife track mod support

2016/12/29 Update
Shaky interior camera fixed
Handling adjustments
Bloom lighting adjustments
Subwoofer installation available @ Lost Harbor Customs (Use Shift+Insert/Home to adjust Subwoofer level)

2016/11/21 F355 Twin Turbo Kit (600whp) available at Lost Harbor Customs
Price 0 & cannot add to cart bugs fixed at Lost Harbor Customs

2016/11/18 Handling improvements to the current handling model
The older handling models can now be accessed with F1-F3 keys and the latest (default) with F4
These are mainly for comparing/testing/development purposes but you may enjoy one of the older ones better

2016/11/05 Handling renewed with more sim-like approach
Foliage transparency issues fixed
Badges & logos removed from some cars to prepare for licensed vehicles removal
Showroom names & logo converted to something generic

2016/10/19 Drift combos & other tweaks in drift scoring

2016/10/18 Purchaseable houses
Handling reworked more

2016/10/09 Handling reworked
800HP Supra now spins through the gears, if it's too much, try wider rear tires
Old handling model can be toggled back by pressing "o" key

2016/10/06 Custom rims available at Lost Harbor Customs
Most vehicles lack proper wheel diameter restrictions at this time so be careful to not go overboard with the wheel size

2016/09/26 Handling adjustments
2016/09/22 GSXR1000 engine swap now available for Smart Fortwo @ Lost Harbor Customs
2016/09/21 High speed FFB rumbling alleviated

2016/09/17 AI traffic can be now enabled from the settings
Gear changes with manual clutch are now easier
Automatic rev matching removed when using manual clutch & transmission
Skidding noise adjustments

2016/09/08 Comfort/Sport automatic transmission mode (you will need to map a button for the toggle)
2016/08/30 Automatic gearbox improvements

2016/08/28 Launcher settings update: List all available resolutions, Vsync & windowed option
You will need to launch the game once for the launcher to update and the new settings available

2016/08/27 Dirt roads are now a bit more slippier
2016/08/19 Improved HDR rendering
2016/08/17 Improved F430 cockpit sounds

2016/08/01 Street lights are now lit at night
The lamps themselves are quite scarce at this time but most of Lost Harbor is now lit.
If you get unacceptable FPS drop at night, leave feedback in the guestbook or such

2016/07/25 You can now sell your car(s) at the vehicle dealers
Turbo upgrade for 200SX now available at Lost Harbor Customs

2016/07/23 348TB added to the showroom
Big City performance problems fixed/alleviated

2016/07/21 Ferrari showroom opened @ Big City
Shadow glitches fixed & quality improved
Messed up GPS instructions fixed

2016/06/28 Yet another handling update
2016/06/27 Handling update (Increased stability yet again @ bumps & jumps)
2016/06/09 Handling update (Increased stability @ speed & bumps & jumps)
2016/05/26 Handling update (decrease understeer again & other improvements)
2016/05/24 1000HP twin turbo system for Gallardo now available at Lost Harbor Customs

2016/05/17 Handling adjusted for less understeer at high speed
Trees & objects not loading on game startup bug possibly fixed

2016/05/04 Map editor released
You can find the MapEditor.exe under your Drive Isle folder after the update.
Watch tutorial here:

2016/05/03 Handling update (drifty, makes normal driving harder once again though)
2016/05/02 Lost Harbor Customs missing the custom parts & all races missing on the map bugs fixed
2016/04/21 Some GUI appereance improvements & map update
2016/04/08 1st version of Big City (west side) is now complete
2016/02/29 Small improvements in handling

2016/02/16 Broken car on new profile start fixed
AI traffic disabled completely for now

2016/02/15 Freeze on mission start fixed
Time of day now adjustable in settings

2016/02/13 Handling update
Improved Force Feedback
More control by throttle in a drift

2016/02/09 Random vehicle color bug fixed
If you are still getting random color or other glitches for your vehicle, have the car repaint to have a color that sticks.

2016/01/29 Camera bug fixed (Your head will not try to go through the roof or sink under the steering wheel anymore @ high speed)
2016/01/28 Suspension/chassis noise from bumps + Some lighting tweaks
2016/01/21 '06 Gallardo available at Supercar Store

2016/01/20 New road treasures & handling update
It's now possible to find briefcases containing money along side the road, or a container containing a new vehicle for you.
Vehicle is now lot more stable in higher speeds

2016/01/11 Handling improvements
ESP rewritten (old slowed down the vehicle too much), press "E" to toggle ESP ON/SPORT/OFF
Driftability improved (rear end breaks loose lot easier now)
Note: The current handling model is untested on steering wheel, WIP as usual

2016/01/10 Improved game stability and tuner interface
Game can now survive automatic traversing of the whole map without crashing
Interface for tuner parts installation is now simpler + some bugs fixed
Uninstalled/replaced custom parts are now stored in garage inventory
Custom parts can now be found in treasure boxes

2015/11/30 Multiple problems fixed related to previous v0.350 update

2015/11/27 Optimizations
Profile startup money upped to $200k
For existing profile use the money cheat to get compensated (CTRL+M in main menu)

2015/11/06 New update system!
Bad news: All game data has to be redownloaded because they will now be stored differently to your HDD.
Good news: Subsequent updates will be faster as updated files will be downloaded individually, instead of full packages they belong.
"Checking updates" part is also lot faster now.
Game launch & data loading will be faster as well (no data unpacking + some other optimizations in startup).

Start the game now to update new launcher and then restart Drive Isle.exe to start the update process.

2015/11/02 New drift track "Lost Mount" east of Lost Harbor
Handling still needs further adjustments
Vehicle dealer camera fixed

2015/10/27 Handling update - Slightly more realistic behaviour now
Bubblegum fix for profile corruption (fixes game crash on startup if profile is corrupt)

2015/10/24 Toyota Supra interior textured
partly, work in progress, the doors are horrible, just don't look at them:)

2015/10/22 GT86 interior & Lost port area textured for better looks

2015/10/22 Handling adjusted for smoother drifting

2015/10/18 Mail boxes to send stuff found from the roads home to get rid of the extra weight
Well there's only just one mailbox for now but there will be more all around the map
Vehicle cockpit does not distort anymore in high speeds

2015/10/15 Supra sounds updated
Some boost & BOV related problems fixed

2015/10/12 Game freeze when quitting & background loader freeze bugs fixed (mostly)

2015/10/11 FPS boost (new optimizations)
Also options to turn off post processing and reflections for additional FPS (requires starting game once for launcher to update).
Tuner Custom parts screen fixed for lower resolutions
Vehicle driftability improved
S14 200SX now available at the Nissan dealer (no performance tuning available for it yet though)
Trailer hitch availabilty fixed for GT86
Supra gauge fitments fixed

2015/10/02 Small fixes
Fast travel by train is now lot cheaper than teleporting
GT86 boost gauge position fixed, if you have already bought a gauge, have it refit at Lost Harbor Customs
Looping starter motor sound fixed when upgrading GT86 exhaust
Vehicle dealer will not try to resell your own car to you anymore

2015/09/30 Controller configuration screen fixed to fit in smaller resolutions
GT86 aftermarket exhaust now has the add to cart button that was previously missing

2015/09/26 GPS Route recalculation now works when driving another route than suggested
GPS path is now also brighter and the already driven piece darker than before
Some new little paths @ Lost Harbor

2015/09/17 Arcade mode splitted to adjustable options
Arcade handling (0-100% slider in 10% steps)
Visual damage (0-100% slider in 10% steps)
Mechanical damage (0-100% slider in 10% steps)
Fuel Drain (0-100% slider in 50% steps)
Fast travel is now always immediate (crappy helicopter ride removed), also an option
Immediate Road Service option
All settings can be changed on the fly but will affect the XP you earn per kilometer and changing options will give XP gain penalty.

2015/09/09 Increased game stability

2015/09/08 288km (~1,5hour) Grand Tour around the isle grants you $75,000 for beating 1st time and $45,000 for just completing!
If your Supra parts are messed up after update, stop by Lost Harbor Customs and refit them
GT86 and Evo 9 can now be tuned for more power @ Lost Harbor Customs
Sudden & random change of direction in bumps problem fixed
Vehicle repair costs lowered
Vehicle reflections fixed
Nissan GT-R traction & braking improved, fuel gauge fixed
The evil shadow lurking in the horizon fixed

2015/08/31 Inventory system!
You can now find items along road side, scrap metal (for now) that you can sell to wreck yard for money.
You can also store items to your house. Bare in mind that the weight of the cargo in your vehicle slows it down.
In the future you will be able to find tuning parts & other valuables and possibly a whole new car.
Bugfixes at the house
Interior cluster works again

2015/08/25 Optimizations (performance should be slightly better)
Crash upon entering showroom fixed
Game not saving if profile folder has been completely removed issue fixed

2015/08/18 Memory allocation related CTD fixed (increased stability)
Absent GT86 engine sounds fixed

2015/08/16 Mailrun mission is finally fixed
Your passengers will now also do some babbling while onboard in passenger transport missions
Passengers may also get scared and leave your vehicle if you do not drive nice enough

2015/08/08 Small improvements in AI traffic behaviour

2015/08/06 Your destroyed and inactive vehicle will now be automatically repaired through insurance in 3 hours real world time

2015/08/05 '69 Camaro, two MBs and a Smart now available
CTD bug related to vehicle switching fixed

2015/07/30 Following bugs fixed:
All vehicles at the dealer may not be selected
Exterior camera centers too slowly (on low FPS)
GSXR sounds not working/missing
Changing controller axis button mapping to normal button does not work properly

2015/07/13 New race track
Races not showing on map bug fixed
Nissan Qashqai and GMC Savana added

2015/06/29 Suzuki GSXR 1000 sports bike now available at Bike World
GPS "add to route" function now works
Some mission related etc bugs fixed

2015/05/04 Minimal AI traffic enabled
You can disable or crank up the traffic from settings. Beware the AI traffic is FPS hog and they're really bad drivers at this time.
Viewing distances are now automaticly dropped if FPS goes to low

2015/05/02 Vehicles now have proper "ABS" brakes
Braking doesn't interfere steering anymore and brakes are also now more powerful.

2015/04/26 Bike World & Classics Showroom opened
Yamaha Raptor & Ford Model A Roadster now available
Bugfixes & map updates, <- these are everyday stuff and will not generally be announced separately in the updates.

2015/04/14 Arcade mode option
Arcade handling & faster braking
No damage
Immediate reset from road service call
Immediate & free fast travel

2015/04/06 GM Showroom opened

2015/04/02 Supercar Store opened!
They have only two super expensive hypercars to sell, but they'll let you test drive if you're level 5 or higher
Southwest Isle is now ready for a spin
Some bugs fixed

2015/03/28 The overly tropical coloring removed from the trees
You can have it back from the settings.
ESP is now better & more stable for powerful vehicles

2015/03/24 Evo 9 available at the Nissan dealer

2015/03/23 New fast travel method (select your destination from the map)
Ride may not be very smooth, use at your own risk!
New train station next to Sandy Peaks. Areas around Sandy Peaks are still a bit under developed though.
Traveling with train is now slightly cheaper
Trailer hitch now available for all Toyotas except the Supra at Lost Harbor Customs
Some bugs fixed

2015/03/17 Lost Harbor Customs have received a small set of tuning parts for Toyota Supra
They say more parts are expected to arrive later on...

2015/03/14 Controller mapping save problem fixed
+ Some other bugfixes
Maximum wait time for Road Service lowered
You can now paint your car at Lost Harbor Customs

2015/03/05 Limit steering option on higher speed for controllers
This is the same functionality that is used for keyboard input, now available for gamepads as well
to prevent turning wheels too much (which cause the vehicle to not turn properly) in higher speeds.
Bug fixed that prevented normal mapping of controller Axis
Handling adjusted for better/easier drifting (it's not perfect, work in progress...)
Little drift track added to east of Lost Harbor
Effect load failed error on game startup fixed

2015/03/03 Mission & race level progression fixed
Some race and mission rewards set higher

2015/03/02 Handling adjusted for less understeer
Also target times for Ringburgnur are more sensible now
Some data related bugs fixed (increased stability)

2015/02/24 Underground train network enables fast travel
An underground train network has been opened for business at the isle. There are stations near Lost Harbor,
Old Town and Ringburgnur. More stations will open later on.
Fuel station added at the entrance of Ringburgnur
Wheels are slightly more stable on grass now
Weather (and time) is reset when restarting a race (time attack)

2015/02/22 Handling adjustments
Handling is WIP, not final. Provide your input at the forum.
Strange RPM behaviour with skidding wheels solved
Manual clutch fixed
Crash on mission completion fixed

2015/02/21 Controller mappings improved
Linearity and force feedback adjustments
Axis mappable as buttons
Various bugfixes

2015/02/19 Game is run windowed for time being
So that if the game crashes you can see an error dialog and close the game instead of the game freezing.
If you insist on fullscreen press Alt-Enter in game to switch. You may have to do Ctrl-Alt-Delete if the game "freezes".

2015/02/18 Profile save bug fixed
Owning two vehicles works better now
Simple reverse (by braking) setting added for those who need it
Handbrake is now released automaticly on throttle

2015/02/17 Mint condition 2003 Pontiac Firebird on sale at the Nissan dealer
Get it before someone else does :)

2015/02/14 Havok update
Havok physics library updated from very old 2010.1 to 2014.1
There's some strange yet unsolved RPM behaviour when wheels are skidding

2015/02/12 Performance boost
Some optimizations have been done and FPS should be a bit better now.
Lightpoles are dark again (need more optimizing), but vehicle headlights work
Nissan dealer is fixed

2015/02/07 ALPHA RELEASED!
First alpha version is now released.
Give your feedback etc at the forum